Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday in Venice - Il Doge, Il Trovotore and Il Siesta!!

IWith the prospect of an afternoon snooze in the offing we were both happy to get up early and be waiting at the door of the Palazzo Ducale when it opened
at 8:30!! 
We beat the crowds in by a long way and thouroughly enjoyed a leisurely look around with the audio guides.Some of the rooms are amazing - even just in size! To gradually get an idea of the role this Palace, the Doge, the Council of Ten etc. have played in the history of this unusual place was very worthwhile. The armoury left anything we have seen elsewhere for dead and Mick "sighed" as he headed
 for his prison cell!

Using our Museo Pass we then visited Museo Correr which, while a touch pedantic, had some marvellous historical items and art and, on the way to the Vaporetto, called in to the Chiesa di Santo Maria del Giglio (using our Church pass) where Elaine was swept off her feet by the Reubens (that's P.P.) "Mary with St. John" in the small chapel.

Enough for this morning, so home on the boat, beer and a lovely salad meal (at the "water window") before a snooze while most of the shops are shut anyway!!

Up, showered, dressed up we walked to the "Teatro La Fenice" for "Il Trovotore" starting at 7 - Elaine walked there in her thongs (the ones on her feet!), carrying her high heels and changed just before we got there! We were in our element this time with everyone dressed up - our seats, however, were right up in the Gods but we could still see and hear very well thank goodness! It was another wonderful production with the music and the orchestra being really top class! The singing was pretty good too and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Afterwards we stumbed across a really pleasant small enoteca just a few calles away and had a lovely meal before the Vaporetta home and tumbled into bed around 12:30!!

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