Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Good was that?! Magic Flute and Jazz.

We were actually up pretty early (for us!) as we were heading to Hackscher Markt for a walking tour with one of Todd's mates. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix-up and he was doing the full-day "Concentration Camp" tour today and we didn't really have a full day.
It was, overcast, cool and drizzly so we decided to head home and do the washing!
The laundromat is close by and had all the hallmarks of German efficiency - so, fortified with our books and coffee, we did a couple of loads!

A snooze in the afternoon before heading out to one of the real highlights of this trip!! The Komiche Opera has a reputation for present more traditional works (from Mozart to Rodgers and Hammerstein) in new and engaging ways - Barrie Kosky is leading it currently!
Tonight was "The Magic Flute" - the music and singing were as Mozart decreed (pretty much) but the presentation integrated the whole story within a very clever video animation.
It worked extremely well and we both thought it was one of the best things we have ever seen! It was wonderful to see so many kids being introduced to real Opera as well - a truly top night!

Our guide and mentor, Trip Advisor, when quizzed about "Berlin Jazz" had indicated "b Flat" which happens to be about three hundred metres from our place!! So on the way home, we dropped in to catch a couple of sets!
It was a crowded, thankfully smoke-free, dingy, warm and fun!! Tonight was Rolf Zielke teaming up with "human beatbox" Daniel Ferreira. We sat with a lovely group of young Germans and enjoyed it a lot.

A stroll home, with a filafel roll, and into bed at 1:15!!

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