Thursday, September 18, 2014

Settling in to Venice!

Tuesday was another glorious day - probably the best weather of the whole trip!! We both slept late and woke around
. It was great being able to make our own breakfast coffee with a stovetop "Italian style" coffee maker in this remarkable flat. 

The place has about four rooms and could sleep another couple. It is on the ground floor and actually has a "water window" a large opening window giving us our private space directly onto the canal - if Kathy were here she could dive in for her morning swim!! OK, so it isn't the Grand Canal but it is a canal!! The rest has all mod cons (except the internet!!) and is really most comfortable and spacious.

Needing to get Venice's measure we decided to take control so headed for San Marco and a "Tourist " place. This was  actually only a place selling "tours" but after reading up we bought 7 day Vaporetto tickets (€60), Church and Museum passes (€12 & €16) so now we have to make sure we use them! With the San Marco crowds being so huge we decided to jump onto a Vaporetto for a Grand Canal ride. It was really very crowded and the stops took quite a long time with so many getting on and off- but still it was worth it. We jumped off at Biasio and began to explore that area and to head for the Rialto Markets.

We are beginning to appreciate just how much there is to this lovely place and that each area has its own delights! After some meandering we found the fish markets, which were just packing up, and had a most delightful fish meal at a little stand-up modeern fishy place (no bread in sight, thank  God!).  Deciding that we need to get into the local mode we walked back home and had a beer and a siesta!! It is amazing how the place just shuts down around 1:30 pm (except for the tourist places) and comes to life again around five! 

Having been refreshed by a little vino and cheese at our "water window" we headed out again for a "Lonely Planet" recommendation that was close to San Marco. We had a lovely meal in a little "out of the way" place - most pleasant! We then cased out Teatro La Fenice (for the Opera tomorrow night) we walked to Accademia, caught the Vaporetto back to Arsanele and fell into bed!!!

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