Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another lovely day just cruising down the river!!!

A small group of only about 35 people stayed aboard the ship today while the majority headed off for full-day excursions to Salzburg or Cresky-Krumlov. The buses left quite early (around 8) and the first wasn't due back to the ship until fiveish. We had decided to stay put and were really glad that we did - we had a lovely restful and peaceful river day!!

The Captain said to Mick that he felt that stretch of the river we were going through today was the nicest on the whole of the Danube anyway ... so we were sure we had made the better choice. After depositing the hordes onto the buses the ship headed off from Aschach immediately as the buses were returning to a different port (Passau) in the afternoon. So began a most lovely relaxing day of cruising. We were going through the Bavarian forests and National Park area so it was wooded on both sides with very few towns for several hours. It was very gentle, sort of like houseboating on the Hawkesbury!! The few remaining patrons basically kept to themselves, read books, drank coffee, had a relaxed lunch and wandered ashore in Passau around 2:30. Elaine had her breakfast delivered to the room at 9 by Milan, our butler, so she was very relaxed indeed!

Passau was another typical European village which, being at the confluence of three rivers was a little unique. We wandered about the narrow alleyways and through the churches for about an hour before heading back on board for afternoon tea and, after the sun crossed the yardarm, a pre-dinner drink! That evening we caught up wth Jean who had found the Salzburg rather heavy on the "Sound of Music" and pretty light on the Mozart which seems to go down very well with most of the punters! We were glad we had not spent a pretty long day on the buses.

We had another pleasant dinner and enjoyed the "Crew Concert" and a few drinks before late-night tea in our cabin and another peaceful night. An extremely pleasant day indeed!!

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