Sunday, August 31, 2014

We've been to Vienna .... twice!!!

What a very lovely day!!! Having finally taken responsibility for ourselves, we eschewed the organized bus tours of Vienna, had a late morning coffee on the almost deserted ship (the buses took them all away early because the crew were working flat out to re-load all the supplies ... quite a business!) and headed out (alone!!!!  just us!!!) in the consistent rain for the Metro. Being old hands at the Vienna public transport system we bought a couple of "Senior's Farten tickets" and went for the Upper Belvedere.
This is one of the museums that we didn't manage to get to when we were staying in Vienna and we were absolutely blown away by it!! For a start it is in an amazing palace with exquisite grounds  - even though we were walking in persistent rain the view was magnificent. We were mainly going to see Klimt's "The Kiss", his most famous work, to complete our experience of the Leopold museum last week. As well as a really insightful collection documenting Austrian art over the centuries the number and quality of paintings by Klimt and Schiele were truly extraordinary and quite breathtaking! It was a definite highlight  which was topped off by some magnificently restored early church panels - most of the ones in situ have been pillaged by the various invaders, but these were great!
A small lunch together in the museum and a wander in the now lighter rain down into the main town in hunt of some Weiner Werkstatte led us to a couple of lovely shops where we unloaded some Euros on some precious mementos! We wandered home mid-afternoon for a beer and a chance for Mick to try out the electric bikes before the excursion tomorrow. After a little rest and a shower we snaffled one of the single tables (aka "romantic") in the dining room so that we could continue out together space. This is really lovely and we are enjoying so much time with each other in such a relaxed environment!

Dancing upstairs with the eponymous Randy and a single malt for the girl completed a very, very lovely day.

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