Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No strawberries here; "taking the waters" and a "pumping ruin bar"!!!

Looking for a lilttle fruit for breakfast gave a small but sobering insight into the realities of a small post-Communist country. None of the fruit on display would have been displayed in a fruit shop in Sydney! All the fruit (with the exception of the bananas, was spotted and marked and the vegetable section had limp staples and little variety - this was a small supermarket with lots of other goods, a fine shop not at all run down. The food in the cafes etc is excellent, if a trifle stodgy, but the selection for ordinary people is certainly limited - and as our guide explained yesterday, the people are used to this after the many "grey" years of Communism!

 Having decided to "take the waters" we headed off by tram for the St. Gellert Baths - there are lots of bathhouses in Budapest but we chose this one because of the Art Deco style for which it is renowned, we weren't disappointed!! We had a lovely day! It is an interesting pastime watching all the body shapes that belong to this human existence. We moved around from hot to cold to sauna to lunch on the terrace and around again! You could see how the idle rich fell for such experiences so many years ago! Some of the designs are simply scrumptious and most certainly add to the whole experience.

Home in the late afternoon before venturing out for the evening. A quick tram ride to the beautiful Synagogue and another venture into the Jewish Quarter from a different angle this time.  Using the "Tour girls" excellent map and suggestions we found Szimpla - a "ruin bar" with something of a reputation. It isa an exotice mix of spaces - bars, BBQ, performance stage, hooka

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  1. Somewhere back in time I missed your link to this glad I found it this morning on FaceBook. Have enjoyed seeing your pics in IG, now I'll be able to read the stories to go along with them. Really glad that you guys are having such a great trip. Cheers!