Sunday, July 27, 2014

We're off again!!!

Elaine and Mick are of again to Europe in August. They are ever grateful for a life which gives such blessings and allows them to enjoy so much together! You might like to follow along and share in some of the fun even though in deference to the modern times much of this will be replicated on Facebook and Instagram. At this stage Mick is just getting things set up but you are most welcome to join us for the ride!! Mick is pondering as to just what is the best way to chronicle such at trip!! 10 years ago (Yes! 10!!!) when they went for the first time they have memories of things like spending an hour at Heathrow in an Internet Cafe composing an email to send to the breathless hordes who were waiting for news!! Last time in Italy (for WYD '11) Mick used Postereous(now defunct!). No matter what, much of the current year will inevitably appear on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, but for now Mick is thinking that a Blog might still hold some sway. ....... We'll see!!!

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